Become A Donation

Become A Donation
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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235

Member Organizations

Member Organizations

We operate through our network of non-profit organizations, affiliated to Banco de Alimentos. These are our extended hands that help us distribute our food to those in need in the communities, in every town, neighborhood or sector where food insecurity is experienced. Our priorities are children, the elders, the sick and people in need.

How can your organization become a member of the Food Bank of Puerto Rico?

To be a member of Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, you must first be a church or non-profit organization and complete the following series of documents:

  • Federal Tax Exemption 501(c)(3) – (Publication 78) (church does not apply) (iglesia no aplica)
  • Church Certification
  • Certification of the Department of State "Good Standing" (church does not apply) (iglesia no aplica)
  • Sanitary License, Department of Health (renews annually) (animal shelter does not apply) (renueva anualmente) (albergue de animales no aplica)
  • Use Permit from the Administration of Regulations and Permits (OGPe) (animal shelter does not apply).
  • Food Safety Certification "Food Safety" (animal shelters does not apply) (albergues de animales no aplica)

These documents must be sent to the Organizations Officer, the person in charge of opening a file. After receiving the documentation, we coordinate a visit to get to know the organization, including the designated area where the food purchased at the Bank will be stored. If the monitoring goes well, a contribution will be required for the membership, which will be requested upon becoming a member and it is billed again every year in July, beginning of our fiscal year. Once all the requested documents are ready, they can be sent to: